Exhibition Technical Manual

Exhibition Technical Manual

Dear Exhibitor,
We are pleased to share with you the ESID 2022 Exhibition Technical Manual.
The exhibition will be held as part of the 20th biennial ESID Meeting which will be held on 12-15 October 2022, in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Please read this manual thoroughly as it provides important information and is designed to assist you in preparing for ESID 2022 exhibition.
Please share this manual with your stand builder, agency and/or anyone who is working with you on this project.

Exhibitors and Supporters Portal

Login details to access the Portal have already been sent to the company representative. The Portal enables exhibitors and supporters to:

  • Submit company logo and profile
  • Order lead retrieval (badge scanners)
  • Order exhibitor badges
  • Submit booth drawing (for “Space Only” booths)/Facia sign lettering (for “Shell Scheme” booths)
  • Submit other deliverables as per sponsorship agreement

Link to access the Portal


  • The login details have been sent to the person signing the contract. This person is responsible for passing on the login details to a third party if needed. Keep the Exhibitor’s portal link together with your login information on hand for future reference.
  • Access to all Portal services will be available only after submission of your company logo and profile.
  • Only deliverables as indicated in your contract, should be submitted via the Portal. Items that are not included in your contract will not be processed.



Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers
Address: Mässans Gata/Korsvägen, 412 94, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0) 31 708 80
Website: https://en.svenskamassan.se/

There are number of parking options for private cars and small vans, such as the nearby ”Focus Multi-Storey Car Park”. Click here for further information.

Meeting Website
For updated information regarding the meeting, please visit our website https://2022.esidmeeting.org/

Meeting Secretariat
Kenes Group
Rue François-Versonnex 7 1207 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel:  +41 22 908 0488

E-mail: esid@kenes.com

Exhibition Manager & Industry Coordinator
Sharon Gamliel
Tel: +41 22 908 0488 Ext: 562

Industry Liaison & Sales
Sherwin Gentle
Tel: +31 20 763 01 08
E-mail: sgentle@kenes.com

Hotel Accommodation
Irina Sapir
Tel: +41 22 908 0488 Ext 998
E-mail: isapir@kenes.com


Registration Specialist
Shirley Milner (Marom)

Tel: +41 22 908 0488 Ext 815
E-mail: reg_esid22@kenes.com

Booth Cleaning/ Graphics & Signage/ *Electricity / Additional Booth Fittings / *Rigging / Plants & Flower Decorations / Furniture Rental / *Waste Removal / Hostesses /*Security / *In-Booth Catering
Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers
click here for the Webshop
E-mail: Mattias.Lagerstedt@svenskamassan.se
Tel: +46 (0)31 708 81 09
*Exclusive to the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers

Freight Handling & Onsite Logistic Agent
Merkur Expo Logistics GmbH
Bernd Blum
E-mail: Bernd.Blum@merkur-expo.com
Mobile: +49 175 588 0291
Merkur is the exclusive handler inside the venue




Set-up Monday, 10 October 17:00 – 23:59 (Space Only booths)
Tuesday, 11 October 07:00 – 19:00 (All booth types)
Opening Hours Wednesday, 12 October 09:00 – end of Welcome Reception (~20:00)
Exhibitors may enter the hall from 08:00
Thursday, 13 October 09:30 – 16:30
Friday, 14 October 09:30 – 17:00
Dismantling Friday, 14 October 17:00  – 23:59

Important notes for exhibitors:  

  • Timetable is subject to change.
  • On Saturday, 15 October, the exhibition will be closed and there will be no access to the exhibition area. On Saturday, 15 October, there are still sessions taking place as part of ESID 2022 Meeting.
  • Empty crates and packaging material must be removed after set-up and no later than Tuesday, 11 October at 16:00All aisles must be clear of exhibits and packaging materials to enable cleaning.
  • All exhibitors should be at their booth 30 minutes before the official opening hour.
  • Dismantling of the booth before the official hour is not permitted.
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to dispose of all materials after dismantling. Any equipment, display aid or other material left behind after Friday, 14 October at 23:59 will be considered discarded and abandoned. Any charges incurred for waste removal will be sent to the exhibitor.
  • Please note that poster presenters and delegates will be in the exhibition area to reach the Posters area which will be active before and after the exhibition opening hours.
  • Please do not leave any visible valuable articles at your booth. In addition, please consider hiring extra security for your booth before\after exhibition operating hours if needed.

Welcome Reception

You are cordially invited to the Welcome Reception which will be held in the exhibition area on Wednesday, 12 October from 18:30. Exhibitors are asked to please man their booth during the Welcome Reception in the exhibition area.

Action Item Deadline Contact Person
Company logo and profile As soon as possible
and no later than Thursday, 30 June
Via Kenes Exhibitor’s Portal
Booth design for approval
(For ‘Space Only’ booths)
Monday, 1 August
Text for Fascia
(Shell Scheme booths only)
Thursday, 1 September
Lead Retrieval Barcode Readers Order Wednesday, 28 September
Onsite rate will be applied for order received after this deadline
Extra Exhibitor badges Wednesday, 28 September
Get venue’s approval for your booth floor covering
(‘space only’ booths)
Monday, 12 September Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers
(‘space only’ booths)


Wednesday, 21 September

After this deadline 50% surcharge will be applied. Stock upon availability.


Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers
Click here for the WebshopE-mail:Mattias.Lagerstedt@svenskamassan.se
Electricity order*
Furniture Rental
Shell Scheme Extras
Daily Booth Cleaning
In-booth Catering*
Hostesses & Temporary Staff Hire
Plants & Floral decorations
Telecommunications and AV Equip.
(Screens, Laptop, Desktop)
Dedicated Wi-Fi / Internet* Wednesday, 21 September Exhibition Manager
E-mail: sgamliel@kenes.com 
Delivery Information
Door to Door Shipments Please contact MERKUR Merkur Expo Logistics
Contact person: Mr. Bernd Blum
Mobile: +49 175 588 0291
Airfreight Shipments
Shipment via Germany Warehouse No later than
Wednesday, 5 October
Exhibition goods – Direct Deliveries to Meeting Venue Subject to time slot
Please note there should be a person from your side onsite to receive your deliveries.



*Exclusive to the CCIB

“K-Lead” Application – Barcode Scanner Application

Lead Retrieval systems are a helpful tool for receiving participants’ contact information when they visit your booth. The information obtained by lead retrieval system enables Exhibitors to enhance their database by securing valuable leads for further marketing and communication.
We are pleased to offer you the “K-Lead” Application: exhibitors can download the “K-Lead” app onto their own smart phone or tablet and transform their device into an instant, easy lead retrieval system and capture participants’ full contact information with a quick scan of their badge.

The advantages of the “K-Lead” application:

  • Effortless process using registration badge barcode.
  • Allows to immediately view the leads information.
  • Ability to insert exhibitor’s comments for each lead.
  • Application is available for download from Apple store or Google play: “K-Lead App”.
  • Cost per unit – EUR 600 (excluding 4% credit card charges fees, excluding VAT if applicable)

The Application should be installed on your company/personal device (tablet/smart phone). 
Operational information will be sent in due course.

To order “K-Lead” Application, please access the Exhibitor’s Portal https://exhibitorportal.kenes.com

DeadlineWednesday, 28 September
Onsite rate of EUR 750 will be applied for order received after above deadline.

Please note:

  • Device is not included. The Application should be installed on your company/personal device (tablet/smart phone).
  • In accordance with the general data protection regulation (GDPR), Kenes Group has updated its privacy policy. You can view our updated privacy notice here.
    Kenes will not share delegate’s personal data with third parties without their consent.
    Please note that similarly to sharing a business card, presenting delegate badge for scanning at exhibition booths or industry symposia constitutes an expression of consent to share their personal details with the company that is scanning their badge so that it may contact them in the future.
  • Barcodes on delegate’s badges contain contact information as supplied by the delegate or the agency responsible for the registration process of the delegate. We regret that in some cases, as when group registration is completed by a company, we may not be in possession of the full contact details.
  • In addition, please note that neither Kenes Group nor the Organising Committee is responsible for the content of the information.

Exhibitor Badges

  • Each exhibiting company is entitled to free exhibitor badges. The amount of free exhibitor badges is stated in your contract, and determined by your booth size.
    Two exhibitor badges will be given for the first 9 sqm booked, and one additional badge for each 9 sqm thereafter.
  • Exhibitor badges allow free access to the exhibition area, refreshments served as indicated in the programme timetable and access to the Welcome Reception.
  • Exhibitors with an Exhibitor Badge are not eligible to receive CME/CPD credits and will not appear in the World Map feature (List of participants).
  • Exhibitor badges are generic and state the name of the company only, in order that they may be used interchangeably between staff members. Therefore, there is no need to submit individual names.
  • Exhibitor badges can be collected at the registration desk on-site during registration opening hours (they will not be mailed in advance).
  • Exhibitors are required to access the Exhibitor’s Portal and provide the name of the company they wish to be displayed on the badges (otherwise the company name as appear on your application form will be printed on the badge).    
  • Additional exhibitor badges may be purchased online through the Exhibitor’s Portal, at the rate of EUR 175 per badge.
    Companies may purchase a maximum number of exhibitor badges as follows:
    * Booths of up to 60sqm – 15 exhibitor badges
    * Booths larger than 60sqm – 25 exhibitor badges

– Deadline for ordering additional exhibitor badges via the exhibitor portal: Wednesday, 28 September.
– Please make sure that your company profile has been submitted via the Exhibitor’s Portal before placing an order.

All company representatives are required to wear exhibitor badges to access the exhibition. Company representatives not wearing their badges will not be allowed to access the exhibition. Exhibitor badges are for the use of company personnel manning the booth and should not be used to bring visitors to the exhibition.

Access to the Exhibition Hall during Set-up and Dismantling Times
Stand builders and staff must wear service passes during the entire set-up and dismantling period. Service Passes are free of charge and may be collected from the Exhibition Manager Desk on-site.

Exhibition Floor Plan & List of Exhibitors

The exhibition floor plan has been designed to maximize the exhibitor’s exposure to the delegates.
To access  the exhibition floor plan and see the locationof each booth, please click here
For full list of exhibitors and supporters – click here   

The exhibition will be held in Hall F which is located on the 2nd floor.


Maximum floor load: 450 kg/m2
Floor finish: The hall is carpeted with grey carpet tiles.

  • It is highly recommended to place a carpet or other floor covering for exhibit booths (on top of the existing carpet) to avoid damage to the hall carpet.
  • It is not allowed to remove the existing carpet or damage it.
  • Carpet laying is restricted to certain types of weave only and requires specific written authorisation from the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers up to 4 weeks before the meeting by email to: Lagerstedt@svenskamassan.se
  • Kindly note that all tape must be removed by the exhibitor when vacating the booth. The floor surfaces must be returned in the same condition as it was received. The cost of restoring any damage to the floor surface will be charged to the Exhibitor. Mechanical damage or soiling which cannot be removed during the normal cleaning and maintenance of the floor will be repaired at the expense of the person or company causing the damage.

 Build‐Up Height

– The maximum building height for the top of all elements is 4 meters (including hanging banners)
– Shell scheme booths build up height is 2.5 meters

Exhibitors who will have booths higher than the maximum permitted height will not be allowed to set-up their booths.
Any part facing neighboring booths that is above 2.5m in height (in case of back-to-back wall) needs to be designed with neutral surfaces (white, light gray).

 Ceiling Hangings / Rigging

  • Ceiling hanging is permitted. Please contact Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers for availability and price quotations.
  • Please take into consideration that the total ceiling height in hall F is 5m.
  • The Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers uses wires for hanging elements from the ceiling. Each wire can be loaded with a maximum of 50 kg. Only approved wire locks may be used.
  • The Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers  reserves the right to secure or increase the number of wires at the Exhibitor’s expense. The exact positioning of the wires cannot be guaranteed, fault margin ± 50 cm.
  • Only staff or companies authorised by Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers may carry out the suspension of wires from the ceiling (even in existing fittings).

Raised Floor / Platform 

  • Please note that if your booth has a platform higher than5 cm, you are required to provide a rampto ensure access for people with disabilities.
  • The platform sides must be closed and finished neatly. The platform edgesmust be safesecured and easily visible.

Electricity and Electrical Installations

Power supplies will be supplied into your booth via the ceiling.
All electrical installations and electrical connections shall meet the requirements stated in the publication ELSÄK‐FS 2008:1 concerning how electrical facilities are to be designed, and the application directives in Swedish Standard SS 436 40 00 ”Electrical installation regulations” must be followed. In respect of temporary electrical installations at trade fairs and exhibitions, etc., Section 711 is particularly applicable, stating requirements for the protection of the users.

The venue’s electrical supply is AC 50Hz 230 V 1‐phase and 400 V 3‐phase.
All electrical sockets are earthed.

The exhibitor is responsible for calculating the power necessary for the elements to be connected, together with the request for the necessary voltage. Damage caused to the main or to specific points by these connections is the sole responsibility of the exhibitors.

There is at least 1m free space in front of every electrical distribution board.
Lighting ramps shall be permanently fixed and shall hang at least 2.2 m from the floor and be fitted with end‐stop protection.
Fittings and utility articles made from conductive materials must be earthed and be of at least material class 1.
Only earthed or double‐insulated equipment may be connected.
Equipment not meeting these requirements may be immediately disconnected by the venue with no right of recourse or compensation for the exhibitor.

The exhibitor may order one or more electrical connection points. Connection may only be made to the designated connection point. The exhibitor may connect their own equipment if the connection is CEE‐type plugs or Schoko sockets. If current ratings greater than 63 A are involved, competent personnel designated by the venue shall carry out the connection.
The venue reserves the right to at any time inspect connected equipment. Should the equipment fail to meet the applicable safety regulations, the venue reserves the right to immediately disconnect such equipment with no right of recourse or compensation for the exhibitor.

No installations may be made to or in an energised facility.

The venue’s electrical distribution system is live at the latest from the day prior to the opening of the exhibition until an hour after the closure of the exhibition on its last day, but must always be treated as being live.
If an exhibitor requires electricity at other times, the exhibitor should contact the organiser in advance.

Exhibitors must switch off their lighting at the end of the day.

In the event of damage or faults to an electrical connection or installation, the exhibitor shall immediately contact the organiser and/or venue representatives.

Good Lifts

Two good lifts are available to access the exhibition area.
The good lifts will be operational during the build-up and breakdown periods.
Good lifts measurements:



max load Kg
42 2.18 x 5.3 x 2.5 4000
43 2.96 x 6.7 x 2.5 7000

Goods Entrance F (w x h) 5.0 x 2.1

Pallets are taken to the exhibition area from the loading bay up to level 2 via the good lifts 42 (smaller) or 43 (larger).

To ensure the smooth and efficient installation and dismantling of your booth, the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers has been nominated as the official stand contractor for the ESID 2022 meeting.

Shell Schemes which have been pre‐booked via Kenes include the following:

  • Walling – standard shell scheme system, 2.5m-high
  • Company name on Fascia board printed in standard lettering
  • Lighting – 3x clip lights for a 9sqm booth)
  • Venue carpet – the floor surface is already carpeted (gray carpet tiles)

Shell Scheme booths do NOT include:

  • Power supply
  • Furniture
  • Booth cleaning

Power supply, furniture, cleaning service and other products / supporting services can be ordered directly via the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers by Wednesday, 21 September.
After this deadline 50% surcharge will be applied. Stock upon availability.
For the Webshop – click here
For inquiries, please contact Mr. Mattias Lagerstedt  by e-mail: Mattias.Lagerstedt@svenskamassan.se

  • Actual panel size: 103 cm W x 250 cm H
  • Visible panel size: 93 cm W x 240 cm H

Note: Corner shell scheme booths are provided with two open sides and 2 fascia panels with company name.

Fascia Sign
Maximum of 21 characters (including spaces) may be written on your fascia (applicable for a 9 sqm booths).
Please submit lettering for fascia via the Exhibitor’s Portal by Thursday, 1 September.
If you wish to print your company logo on the board, instead of your company name or in addition to the name, this can be ordered at additional cost via the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers – the official stand contractor.
If text for your fascia is not received by above deadline, we will provide you with a fascia title as per your application form.

Important Guidelines for Shell Scheme Booths 

  • All basic shell scheme booths will be designed and built by the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers – the official stand contractor.
  • Exhibitors are not allowed to make any alterations to the structure of the booths or remove any integral parts from the booths. Exhibitors wishing to remove or change the location of any standard equipment within the shell scheme booth should indicate clearly on the location plan and forward it together with clear instructions to the official stand contractor and the Exhibition Manager before Thursday, 1 September.
  • No free-standing stand-fitting or display(s) may exceed a height of 2.5m or extend beyond the boundaries of your booth. This includes company names, advertising materials, flags and logos provided by the exhibitor.
  • It is not allowed under any circumstances to cut, nail or drill into or through the walls, facia, floor or ceiling.
  • Please do not use any adhesive products that may leave marks or cause damage to the panels and booth structure. Booth must be returned in the same condition in which it was received. Any damage to booth structure will be invoiced to the exhibitor.
  • No painting is allowed; no usage of nails or screws.
  • Double sided tape can be used to affix lightweight items as long as it does not leave mark or cause damage to the panels and booth structure. Velcro can be used as well (male & female).
  • It is possible to use fishing line (nylon) to hang pictures etc.
  • An exhibitor occupying a booth at the corner can request to close the additional side(s). If the official stand contractor and the Exhibition Manager is not being notified in writing before Thursday, 8 September – it will be assumed that the exhibitor will have opening on the additional side(s).
  • A back wall of a booth (any booth type) cannot be used by other exhibitors.
  • The exhibition hall is already carpeted (grey carpet tiles). If the exhibitor wishes to have a carpet in a different color, an additional fee will be required. Please contact the official stand contractor.
  • Excess stock, literature or packing cases may not be stored on, around or behind booths, unless contained within a lockable storeroom.
  • Exhibitors requiring additional equipment may contact the official stand contractor – as per published deadlines (see section “Deadlines & Key dates”).

Guidelines for Space Only Booths

Exhibitors using independent contractors are required to submit the following for approval by Monday, 1 August:

  • A scaled drawing (scaled 1:200 DWG), including elevation views of the proposed booth to be built.
  • Electrical connections – a list of all appliances.
  • Other utility connections such as water and drainage are subject to availability and must be checked with the Exhibition Manager prior to submitting the designs.
  • The name and contact details of their construction company.

Please submit the files through the Kenes Exhibitor’s Portal: https://exhibitorportal.kenes.com

Design Guidelines:

  • All exhibits are to be displayed to avoid blocking aisles, obstructing adjoining booths, or damaging the premises.
    Exhibition material that is placed outside the booth will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense.
  • Exhibitors are kindly requested to allow sufficient see-through areas that ensure clear views of surrounding exhibits. Entire sideway walls will not be approved
  • Island booths should be partly accessible on all “open” sides. Requests to be partially exempt from this rule should be submitted in writing to the Exhibition Manager.
  • Construction finish must be perfect in all the booth’s visible areas, including rear sides.
  • Raised floor/platform: please note that if your booth has a platform higher than 4.5 cm, you are required to provide a ramp for handicapped access. The platform sides must be closed and finished neatly. The platform edges must be safe, secured and easily visible.
  • All structural back walls of neighboring booths must be properly decorated. Back Walls (reversed side) over 2.5m in height must be finished in white or grey.
  • Advertising on the boundary with other booths is prohibited.
  • Multilevel structures are not permitted.
  • Arches, bridges or similar construction connecting two or more booths are not permitted.
  • A back wall of a booth (including shell scheme booths) cannot be used by other exhibitors.
  • The maximum building height for the top of all elements in the booths is 4m.
  • Ceiling Rigging is permitted. Please refer to the previous section.

Kindly note:

  • The organiser will not approve booths that do not comply with the accepted standards until the necessary changes have been made.
  • Work cannot commence until the booth drawings are approved by the organiser.
  • The used space must be returned to the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers completely clear of all items and restored to their original state.
  • We recommend exhibitors using independent stand contractors to include a site visit in the planning process to assure a smooth and well planned set up. Please contact the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers at:  Mattias.Lagerstedt@svenskamassan.se to coordinate a visit.


The organiser will arrange for general cleaning of the exhibition premises prior to the opening of exhibition and daily prior to opening thereafter (excluding exhibit booths and displays).
Daily booth cleaning can be ordered directly with the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers via the Webshop – click here.
For inquiries, please contact Mr. Mattias Lagerstedt by e-mail: Mattias.Lagerstedt@svenskamassan.se

 Internet & Wi-Fi 

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be provided by the meeting during official meeting days at most areas.
This public Wi-Fi connection is limited for basic web browsing or checking emails.
Should you have any internet-based feature/device/activity at your booth (for example: product demonstrations), we strongly recommend ordering a dedicated internet connection for your booth (wireless or wired connection) to guarantee a consistent internet connection inclusive of technical support.

Wired internet and Wi-Fi connection may be ordered through Kenes until Wednesday, 21 September.
Please contact the Exhibition Manager at: sgamliel@kenes.com


  • Please be advised private Wi-Fi networks installations in the booth are not allowed.
  • The venue and the organiser reserve the rights to discontinue any activity which interfere with the hall Wi-Fi coverage. 
  • Note regarding technical support: we will ensure that the service you purchased is functioning as it should, however we cannot troubleshoot or repair issues with client-provided equipment.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for following legal, ethical, moral and generally accepted internet and e‐mail conduct when communicating across the meeting’s network. The venue reserves the right to disconnect and/or limit a user’s right to or use of the network if rules and conditions are not respected.


  • Please do not leave any bags, boxes, suitcases or any type of product unattended at any time, whether inside or outside the exhibition area.
  • Neither the venue nor the organiser can accept responsibility for the security of the booths and their contents. The venue as well as the organiser are not liable for any possible loss, theft and/or damage occurred during the rental period of any private property or goods. Exhibitors are fully responsible for the security of their booth and equipment.
  • If you wish to hire security for your booth, this can be done via the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers.

 In booth Catering 

The Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers exclusively offers food, beverage and catering services.
Absolutely no food or beverage from outside the venue is allowed into the premises without prior written approval from the venue. This includes bottled water.
Exhibitors who wish to order food and beverages for their booth are welcome to do so directly with the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers via the Webshop – click here.
For inquiries, please contact Mr. Mattias Lagerstedt  by e-mail: Mattias.Lagerstedt@svenskamassan.se
The exhibitor must consider the space available on the booth to store and display the requested deliveries.

Waste Removal

For ordering waste removal please contact the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers directly by e-mail to: Mattias.Lagerstedt@svenskamassan.se


Short-term storage of materials left over after assembly (empty boxes, crates, cases , palettes etc.) should be coordinated with Merkur team (payable service).
Under no circumstances may packing materials of any kind be left in the aisles, on the booths, around or behind the booths.
Please contact Merkur with information on sizes and number of parcels, size and storage period. E-mail: Bernd.Blum@merkur-expo.com
Shipments sent directly to the venue prior to the set-up period, will be refused by the venue.

Once the event & dismantling are over, the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers shall not be held responsible for the safekeeping and/or storage of any items left in the building. If Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers takes care of the removal of these items, it will be charged to the exhibitor.


The Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers offers insurance for ESID 2022 exhibitors.
For further details, please refer to the Webshop (click here) or contact Mr. Mattias Lagerstedt  by e-mail: Mattias.Lagerstedt@svenskamassan.se


Shipping Instructions 

Merkur Expo Logistics GmbH has been appointed the official forwarding agent this meeting.
Merkur offers the following services: customs clearance, delivery to the booth, freight forwarding, manpower & trolleys for un‐loading/loading during build‐up and dismantling, storage of empty crates, transportation to and from the exhibition hall.
For security, insurance, and efficiency reasons, Merkur Expo Logistics is the sole official agent to handle cargo inside the venue.
Stand builders are prohibited from using trolleys during set‐up and dismantling periods.
Kindly note that Merkur, the official agent, is the exclusive agent for move in and move out of the venue.

Exhibitors and stand builders are free to deliver their goods or to pick their goods up from outside the venue. Those who use their own facilities up to the venue are requested to coordinate their time schedule and unloading of their cargo into the venue with Merkur.

Vehicles may not be driven into or inside the exhibition halls in the venue. All internal transportation within the premises, e.g. between the loading yard and the booth and all lifting and truck work shall consequently be provided by Merkur and paid for by the exhibitor. No engine idling is permitted in and outside the exhibition halls.

Contact information:
Merkur Expo Logistics GmbH
Mr. Bernd Blum| E-mail: Bernd.Blum@merkur-expo.com
Mobile:  +49 175 588 0291

 For shipping instructions and tariff, please click HERE.


The delivery and removal of materials and goods for the exhibition booths is allowed only by the official freight forwarder.
Please be advised that neither the organiser nor the Svenska Mässan Gothian Towers can accept deliveries on an exhibitor’s behalf and arrangements must be made for a stand/company representative to be available when deliveries are made.
Deliveries may not be made prior to Monday, 10 October. Any deliveries prior to this date, or off the official working hours, will not be accepted. Please refer to the Shipping Instructions for the deliveries address.
As a courtesy to the delegates and your fellow exhibitors, deliveries or the removal of any equipment to/from booth must be made 30 minutes before or after exhibition opening hours.

Good Lifts
Two good lifts are available to access the exhibition area.
The good lifts will be operational during the build-up and breakdown periods.
Good lifts measurements:



max load Kg
42 2.18 x 5.3 x 2.5 4000
43 2.96 x 6.7 x 2.5 7000

Goods Entrance F (w x h) 5.0 x 2.1
Pallets are taken to the exhibition area from the loading bay up to level 2 via the good lifts 42 (smaller) or 43 (larger).

Rules and RegulationsBinding for all exhibitors and their subcontractors

It is not permitted to bring animals into the venue.

Build-Up & Dismantling Period

  • During the period of build-up and dismantling, it is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages in the working area as well as to perform work under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • The Exhibitors and contractors are required to wear the necessary personal protective equipment such as safety footwear, protective helmets, eye protection, and hand protection required by the specific work activity.
  • The use of cutting machines, welding machines, sanders and a spray guns is strictly forbidden.
  • In cases where equipment is used in connection with works on subfloors, or other metallic objects, tools shall be used that do not cause dangerous noise levels. For example, only rubber mallets must be used when working on subfloors in consideration of the noise levels that otherwise may arise. If saws, sanding and smoothing machinery, etc., are used a vacuum suction device must be used to collect shavings and dust.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that only silent‐running machinery is used and is inside the venue.

Persons under 18 are not allowed access to the exhibition hall, even if they in the company of a guardian, either during build‐up, opening days or breakdown. This rule also applies to Exhibitors’ children and must be strictly enforced to comply with the safety regulations of the exhibition.

Compressed Air

  • The compressed air supply in the venue is 6kp/cm² (600 kPa, 6 bar), connectors are KLO and Cejn type and connections are to be requested through Kenes.
  • The use of compressed gases is subject to venue’s approval prior arrival.

Damage to the Building
Exhibitors are liable for all damage caused to floors, walls, and pillars during the installation, exhibition, and dismantling periods. No adhesive stickers and fixtures of any kind are allowed on floors, walls, and pillars.

Disposal of Material
It is obligatory to collect and dispose of all material during the build-up or dismantling of the event.
When the dismantling period is over, the exhibitor loses any right to claim losses or damage to property left behind. Any costs incurred by the venue in removing this property will be charged to the exhibitor.

Guidelines for Construction

Each exhibitor is responsible for the working environment, construction management and fire protection within each respective booth space. This means that the exhibitor must take necessary measures to protect themselves and others from the risk of accidents and injury.
All building and construction work must meet the requirements stated for buildings in planning construction legislation, planning and building directives, the National [Swedish] Board of Building, Planning and Housing’ Construction Code, regulations and general advice concerning the application of European construction standards (euro codes).
For further information please refer to www.boverket.se
They shall also meet the specific fire and evacuation directives determined by authorities. All materials shall be classified in accordance with applicable fire directives.

Fire Regulations

  • Booth material and fittings must be non-flammable or impregnated with fire-retardant chemicals.
  • As a general rule, easily inflammable synthetic substances, foam polyester, and no fireproof straw and reeds are prohibited.

Fire protection – Booth Construction Materials and Décor

  • Materials in booth walls and ceilings (decorative ceilings in textiles and other materials) shall be of type‐approved and fireproof materials, i.e. not more flammable than wood.
  • Chipboard, wood‐fibre board (non‐porous), plywood and similar materials are acceptable.
  • A type‐approval can be substituted by a written declaration from SP‐ the Technical Research Institute of Sweden.
  • Type‐approval or certification shall be accessible at the booth, unless it is in some other way clear that the material can be accepted. In the event of uncertainty from the venue’s side, a simple test procedure can be carried out by the venue.
  • Textiles and similar materials for covering walls or other decorations shall be impregnated to the level of fireproof. Corrugated board, styrofoam, straw and sawdust are not accepted as or in construction materials and décor.
  • Textiles for use in ceilings shall be of woven netting type or so‐called sprinkler fabric and shall be impregnated to the level of fireproof as the venue’s premises are sprinkler‐fitted.
  • Roofs for closed‐in constructions shall be built in accordance with the aforementioned. For material selection concerning roofing in excess of 30m² the venue’s Fire Protection Officer must be consulted.
  • In the case of closed‐in constructions smoke detectors must be connected to the venue’s fire alarm system.

Fire Insurance (compulsory)
Exhibitors must be insured against fire.

Packaging and other materials
Packaging and other flammable material may not be stored in the exhibition halls during an on‐going Event. The exhibitors can order dry goods handling via the Official Logistic Agent.

Naked flames
Within the venue’s premises no naked flames such as candles or the like are allowed. Written permission can be reviewed by the venue, and may be granted, if such materials form a part of the exhibitor’s product range.
Approved fire‐fighting equipment shall consequently be available in the booth and the candles’ positioning may not infer any risk to visitors or other exhibitors. The candle shall be kept under observation and may only be lit when the booth is manned.

Flammable and Explosive Goods
Handling and storage of flammable and explosive goods such as liquids, gasses or pressurised vessels are generally prohibited within the venue’s premises. The exhibitor may apply to the venue for temporary authority for handling of flammable explosive goods. The exhibitor is responsible for following current applicable laws, regulations and directives, and for following the terms of permission granted.
Used cleaning cloths soaked with oil, grease or other solvents shall be stored in specific sealed, non‐flammable containers with self‐closing lids.
Vehicle fuel tanks shall be filled and fitted with lockable caps.
For propane‐driven vehicles the main valve closest to the tank shall additionally be closed off.
Handling and storage of propane requires specific authority from the venue’s Fire Protection Officer, and shall always be conducted following current applicable laws, regulations and directives, and for following the terms of permission granted. In summary, the following applies in respect of propane:

At every user position (e.g. a booth) there shall be a nominated individual responsible for ensuring that current applicable laws, regulations and directives are followed within the area, e.g. the Flammable and Explosive Goods Act 2010 (Lag 2010:1011) om brandfarliga och explosiva varor) and directives which have been promulgated under legislation, as well as the venue’s directives.
Indoor positioning made be allowed if the propane is protected against being heated‐up over a period of 30 minutes. In this case a ventilated and nonflammable fire class EI 30 cabinet is required. The propane bottle shall be stored in an upright position and be well‐protected against unauthorised persons. Only the daily requirement of propane may be allowed at the point of usage. If the apparatus to be used is portable, the propane bottles shall be stored on the trolley.
If a hose is used between the bottle and propane burner it shall be type‐approved. The propane hose length shall not exceed 1.5 m. Propane hoses shall be placed protected against damage or tampering. A leak test shall be carried out for every connection. The distance between a propane burner and any cabinet, shelf, tent canvas or the like above it may not be less than 1.0 m. The equivalent lateral distance is 0.5 m. The propane burner shall be fitted with a flame failure device that shuts off the gas supply should the flame extinguish.
Hot work
Hot work implies tasks that involve spark production, soldering, welding, cutting, circular grinding or other work using tools that lead to heat generation. If there is no clear definition for what is classified as Hot Work, all work wherein there lies a level of uncertainty is to be classed as Hot Work. Hot Work is not permitted within the venue’s premises, not even during the construction and set‐up phase, without authorisation from the venue for handling flammable and explosive goods. The official responsible for issuing authorisation determines if the intended Hot Work is feasible. All Hot Work shall be carried out by persons who hold an approved Hot Work Licence.
Pyrotechnics and smoke generation
All use of pyrotechnics or smoke generating machinery/objects is regulated within the venue, and under no circumstances may such devices be used without temporary authorisation for handling flammable and explosive goods granted by the venue, or in contravention of the regulations governing their use. Pyrotechnical goods may generally not be used in connection with a public gathering or event held indoors without the authorisation of the Police Authority (Police Act Chapter 2 Section 20).
Application for temporary authority for handling of flammable and explosive goods
An application for temporary authorisation for flammable and explosive goods shall be sent to the venue’s Fire Protection Officer at the latest four weeks before the start of the meeting. An administrative fee of SEK 1500 shall be paid by the exhibitor. This fee is to cover costs involved in administration and inspection, as well as fire watch in the event of a disarmed fire alarm in connection with the handling. No flammable or explosive goods may be brought into the venue until written authorisation has been granted.
Authorisation may be granted under the following circumstances:
– The person responsible shall be in position and be hold a Hot Work Licence.
– RV marking/official approval shall be available for the products concerned if required.
– Police permission shall have been granted for handling if required.
– Storage of flammable liquids and gases shall take place in specific areas following the event’s closure for the night.
Applications shall be sent to:
Gothia Towers AB
Att: [Fire Protection Officer]
Application for temporary authority for handling of flammable and explosive goods
[Event name]
SE‐412 94 Göteborg, Sweden
For further information about fire protection refer to the Fire & Rescue Service in Gothenburg www.rsgbg.se

Health & Safety

  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and visitors as far as is reasonably practicable throughout the event. The exhibitors must take necessary measures to protect themselves and others from the risk of accidents and injury.
  • It is recommended that the booth holders appoint a supervisor for the booth, with the specific responsibility for ensuring the health & safety of their staff and stand builders. It is advisable that a Risk Assessment is completed for the booth and submitted to the organiser.

 Work Environment, Health & Safety General

The exhibitor is responsible for the observance of the applicable Work Environment and Health & Safety regulations on the Floor Space. This means that the exhibitor shall, inter alia:

  • Be knowledgeable about and apply the Work Environment Act and Work Environment Directive as well as the regulations and general guidelines from the Work Environment Authority and MSB ‐ the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, that are applicable to the activities concerned.
  • Have the necessary knowledge to be able to exercise responsibility and authority as well as govern the financial resources needed to rectify and action work environment emergencies and fire protection measures.
  • Inform employees and contracted bodies about the applicable work environment and fire protection directives in relation to the activities concerned, and how to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • Carry out regular inventories of work environment problems and immediately inform the venue and the organiser in the event of accidents, incidents and risks that have been observed.
  • Have sufficient knowledge about the work environment and fire protection in order to carry out the aforementioned tasks.
  • If any reason to assume there is a threat of violence or other threat directed at the event, this must be reported to the venue and the organiser.

 Safety and Demonstration of Products

In order to safeguard people’s health, safety and environment, the EU has common safety requirements that manufacturers must meet in order to freely sell and market products. Certain products must be marked with the so‐called CE marking in order for them to be sold and marketed within the EU. If a product is marked it means that the product has been deemed to meet the basic safety requirements under one or more EU directives.

The exhibitor is responsible for the products or substances that are used or demonstrated at the event do not imply any risk to health and accidents, and that to all other extents meet the requirements in accordance with current applicable laws, regulations and directives.

Safety of Machinery and Other Technical Equipment

Specific regulations exist under the Work Environment Act and the directives of the Work Environment Authority concerning machinery and other technical equipment. These are based on the EU’s Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU.
In accordance with the Work Environment Act, the exhibitor is responsible for the manufacturer/importer or transferor having ensured that a machine, a tool, protective equipment, other technical appliance that is used or demonstrated at the event is sufficiently safe, and that required measures have been taken to ensure that the appliance during its intended use does not imply any risk to health or accident, and otherwise meets the requirements in accordance with current applicable laws, regulations and directives.

A technical appliance that does not meet the applicable safety requirements may not, under the Work Environment Act, be demonstrated at trade fairs, exhibitions or the like, if it is clearly stated that the requirements are not met and that the appliance may not be introduced on the market or be presented for use until such time as it meets the requirements. If the appliance is demonstrated, sufficient safety measures shall be taken against accidents and adequate barriers/safety distances shall be in position to both visitors and the exhibitor’s own personnel.

Work Environment Authority directives apply to minors under the age of 18 prohibiting their use of certain dangerous machinery.


Market inspections during the course of ongoing events can be made by authorities whose task it is to carry out market inspections to ensure that manufacturers/importers only release products onto the market that meet applicable requirements and that they are marked and tested in accordance with applicable legislation. During an ongoing event, exhibitors must be able to prove a product’s CE marking by providing on request the “Declaration of Conformity” document and the product’s description.

For further information and advice contact SWEDAC, who coordinates the Swedish authorities that carry out market inspections of products.

Hanging of Posters, Banners etc.            

Hanging of posters, banners or decals, stickers or similar items, on the walls, floors, ceilings, or pillars within or outside the installations of the venue are not allowed without a prior written authorisation.

 Insurance (compulsory)

  • Exhibitors are required to take out appropriate Insurance. Third part liability insurance is obligatory. It remains the Exhibitors full responsibility to insure themselves appropriately.
  • Neither the organiser nor the venue, their representatives or agents will be held responsible for any loss or damage to exhibitor’s property. Exhibitors must take precautions to protect their property against pilferage.
  • The organiser does not provide insurance for exhibitors and their property. The exhibitor is responsible for his property and person and for the property and persons of his employees through full and comprehensive insurance and shall hold harmless the organiser for any and all damage claims arising from theft and those perils usually covered by a fire and extended-coverage policy. Therefore, you are obliged to have a public liability insurance that covers all injuries to persons and damages that might cover in connection with the exhibition.
  • Exhibitors are personally liable for all expenses incurred by the organiser or by third parties in regard to technical services provide.
  • We also recommend that you have additional coverage against loss or damage to exhibition material during transport and during exhibition times. Please make arrangements for insurance coverage through your company’s insurer.
  • The insurance policy must be valid for exhibitors, registered co-exhibitors and companies represented on the booth.
  • Insurance policy can be purchased via the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers


  • Exhibitors are responsible for all property damage as well as any loss or injury caused by their property, agents or employees. Companies will indemnify the organiser against all claims and expenses arising from any damages.
  • If for any reason whatsoever the exhibition needs to be abandoned, postponed, or altered in any way, either in whole or part, or if the organiser finds it necessary to change the dates of the Exhibition, the organiser shall not be liable for any expenditures, damages or loss incurred in connection with the exhibition.
  • The organiser shall further not be liable for any loss which the exhibition or exhibition contractors may incur due to the intervention of any authority which prevents or restricts the use of the venue or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever.


  • Safety and Security of Material. Please do not leave any bags, boxes or suitcases unattended at any time, whether inside or outside the exhibition area. The organiser and venue cannot accept liability for loss of or damage to private property or goods.
  • The organiser will provide security guard service in the exhibition hall during off-show hours. Neither The venue nor the organiser can accept responsibility for the security of the booths and their contents and for damage to, or theft of any goods. Exhibitors are fully responsible for the security of their booth and equipment.

Sound Equipment, Music & Vision

  • In general, the use of sound equipment/music in booths is permitted as long as the noise level does not disrupt the activities of neighbouring exhibitors.
  • Speakers and other sound devices should be positioned to direct sound inward (to be contained within the booth) rather than outward (toward aisles and other exhibitor booths).
  • It is difficult to establish decibel level restrictions. If an exhibitor or attendee is standing within ~3 meters of an exhibitor’s booth and cannot carry on a normal voice-level conversation, the noise source is too loud.
  • Wireless microphones may generally not be used without permission under Swedish law, but under certain circumstances the requirement for permission can be excepted. Please contact the Exhibition Manager on this matter up to 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • approval and frequency assignment
  • Live music is not allowed.
  • The organiser reserves the right to require the exhibitor to discontinue any activity, noise, or music that is too loud
  • The organiser reserves the right to require the exhibitor to discontinue any activity, noise, or music that is deemed objectionable.
  • All playing of music, showing of films, photography or the like inside the venue shall follow current applicable laws, regulations and directives, for example, Copyright Laws.

Exhibitors are reminded that third party copyrights should not be infringed. The organiser has no copyright responsibility in respect of any exhibiting company.
Proper dispensation must be obtained and any royalties due, paid prior to the use of materials. Should any copyright dispute arise, the organiser will not be liable for any resulting loss or damages, sustained by any exhibitor or third party.

 Promotional Activities

  • All demonstrations or instructional activities must be confined to the limits of the booth.
  • Advertising material and signs may not be distributed or displayed outside the exhibitor’s booth.
  • Advertising activities must not cause obstructions or disturbances in the gangways or at neighboring booths.
  • The Exhibition Manager reserves the right to require the exhibitor to discontinue any activity, noise, or music that is deemed objectionable.

 Painting and handling of chemicals

Products containing organic solvents may not be used within the venue. Examples of these are contact adhesives, spray paint and sprays containing petroleum thinner as a solvent. Products used within the venue shall meet basic environmental regulations and should not contain substances which are included in the Swedish Chemical Agency´s restricted substances register or PRIO‐list https://www.kemi.se/en. There is a general prohibition against the use of spray painting in the venue, however a written permit for the use of spray painting can be applied for.
For further information, refer to the Swedish Work Environment Authority‘s instructions concerning chemical health & safety risks.

Smoking Policy

The venue operates a NO SMOKING policy in ALL halls.

Special Effects

Special effects lighting, live music, smoke and laser projection may not be used in the booths.
No permission will be given for projection in the aisles or on the walls of the hall.

Waste Removal

  • Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of all refuse/waste from the exhibition area and leave the floor space in the same condition as they received it.
  • No refuse is to be left in the walkways.
  • Any discarded waste, including promotional material, left behind will be removed by the venue at the expense of the exhibitor concerned.
  • The venue operates a system of refuse sorting. The exhibitor and other physical or legal entities that the exhibitor has engaged, or is responsible for, shall sort their own refuse and transport same to the environmental stations which are located within the venue. During an ongoing event there is an environmental station in the loading area.
  • Exhibitors will be charged for environmentally hazardous waste such as fitted carpets, oils, etc.
  • Removal of refuse can be ordered through the venue.

Exhibitor’s Liability

If the exhibitor causes damage or breaches these Safety and technical regulations, the exhibitor is liable for all such damage caused. The exhibitor’s liability shall prevail regardless of whether the damage or contractual breach is caused by the exhibitor or other physical or legal entity that the exhibitor has engaged or that the exhibitor is responsible for. If the exhibitor violates the agreed contract or these Safety and Technical regulations, the organiser and the venue reserve the right to refuse the exhibitor or any other physical or legal entity that the exhibitor has engaged, or who the exhibitor is responsible for, access to the venue’s premises and to take corrective measures at the exhibitor’s expense.

Participation by exhibitors is dependent upon compliance with all rules, regulations and conditions stated herein.

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